Best Dressed ON the Field

We encourage teams to bring out their creative side and design their own funky kit. The best and most creative design per sport is awarded FREE kit for the following year.

Best Dressed OFF the Field

Saturday at the 10s is “Fancy Dress Saturday”. Rally your team around getting the best fancy-dress outfits and be awarded with FREE entry into the event for the following year.

Captain of the Year

Collect all 5 badges and win!

  1. Pay entry fee in full
  2. Recruitment – Invite your entire team and get them to register on the website
  3. Kit – Submit your kit design and get it approved and signed off
  4. Gees – Set up at least 1 social media account for your team. Post content, images, training videos and other collateral to show the other teams what you have been up to. Get a following of at least 20 people or more
  5. Responsibility – All players are to fill in and complete their medical form, sign the indemnity form and agree to the T&C’s

The 1st team to earn all 5 badges will receive a 50% reduction of the current tournament fee.